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Truckfest draws lots of entries, big crowd

Story and photos by Jonathan Gavin/Boro Online

TALLMADGE, Ohio (Sept. 30) -- Summit Racing held its annual “Truckfest” truck show in September at its main store here and it turned out to be the biggest yet.

There were more than 100 trucks in the show and shine competition, plus a collection of representatives from almost all of their suppliers showing off their products. Further, there was an even larger Mini-Rubicon event, in which people try to drive their trucks over a mound of rocks.

In addition, Truckfest featured autograph signings with both the owner and the driver of famed Bigfoot monster trucks, and overall the show drew a crowd so large that parking for the event had to be held at the local Summit County fairgrounds.

Many people, however, were unhappy that this year there was no mud pit attraction, which in the past let people drive their vehicles through the goo. In previous years, the Mini-Rubicon and a mud pit were next to the store parking lot, along with a few contraptions for people to test their skill and their vehicle’s abilities.

This mid-1990s Ford Ranger supercab has been customized and lowered to the point it can sit on the pavement.

The larger Mini-Rubicon, however, seemed to be enjoyed by many people, and this was the first year with a course created for varied skill and vehicle levels.

Also, Bob Chandler, the creator and owner of one of the first monster trucks, Bigfoot, was on hand to sign autographs and listen to fans. So was Dan Runte, the driver of a newer monster truck, Summit Racing’s Bigfoot. Not only that, but they also had the Summit Racing Bigfoot monster truck on show next to the massive trailer used to transport it to different events.

The enormous collection of trucks on display took up the majority of the massive parking lots surrounding the huge Summit Racing store. In fact, if the show gets much bigger, they may have trouble finding parking for all of the show trucks. Everything was on show, from trucks nearly touching the pavement to massive 4x4s that towered over everything but the real monster truck -- from daily drivers to show only trucks, to painstakingly restored trucks, and even a small handful of cars snuck through the gates. There was even one truck completely coated in mud with “Wet Paint” scrawled in the mud on the door.

This late 1950s Ford pickup has been restored to show condition.
A list of show winners is posted on the Summit Racing website at:
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