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Festival-goers sit, chat and listen to the music on the last day of the Edinboro Art and Music Festival Sunday, May 18, at Goodell Gardens. (Wilson/

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  • Post 7.10.14:Farmers Market
  • Post 6.11.14:Is it time to play now?
  • Post 5.22.14:Kicks
  • Post 5.21.14:Mow time in left field
  • Post 5.20.14:Well Strung performs at festival (video)
  • Post 5.19.14:Art and Music Fest (gallery)
  • Post 5.15.14:Snuggle up
  • Post 5.14.14:Housesitting
  • Post 5.13.14:Edinboro Elementary Buddy Bench
  • Post 5.13.14:Picnic on a roll
  • Post 5.12.14:EUP Commencement (gallery)
  • Post 5.9.14:Art and music festival (video)
  • Post 5.8.14:Flowers for Mom (gallery)
  • Post 5.7.14:A time to share
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  • Post 5.6.14:On the run
  • Post 5.5.14:Green, green grass of home
  • Post 5.2.14:Up for donations
  • Post 5.1.14:Cleanup time at Goodell
  • Post 4.29.14:April showers
  • Post 4.27.14:Shorts weather
  • Post 4.27.14:Nap time
  • Post 4.27.14:Catch of the day
  • Post 4.27.14:Cafe Monday
  • Post 4.27.14:Warmups
  • Post 4.27.14:Lady in Headdress
  • Post 4.27.14:Travelin' dog
  • Post 4.27.14:Early bloomers
  • Post 4.27.14:Student art on display
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